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Products of NAVITA are made from 100% natural ingredients, especially herbs in premium quality.
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Using the treasures of nature for healing is the same age as humanity. Thanks to modern scientific research, many folk observations have now been confirmed, and in many cases, it was possible to identify the active ingredients and understand the mechanism of action.

A significant proportion of medicine used today were also born from valuable biomolecules, it is enough to think of aspirin, the starting material of which is salicylic acid from the bark of white willow.

It is worth emphasizing that in contrast to the one-component nature-identical exclusively synthetically produced compounds, the active molecules in plants often function to help each other absorb and enhance each other's effects.

Flavita Termékcsalád

New information has revolutionized dietary supplements, and by producing dietary supplements with a high plant active ingredient content, we can better use the healing power of nature in the field of anti-aging and disease prevention.

Natural-based preparations can also support improvement in certain pre-existing diseases, so their healing potential can also be used as an adjunct to drug treatments, either because of their direct effect or through the support of the body.

Founded in 2015, NAVITA specializes in premium anti-aging, healthcare and beauty products. NAVITA is an acronym: “NA” stands for natural, and “VITA” means life. NAVITA thus expresses that to live is to be in harmony with nature.

Armed with new information and relevant expertise, we have rethought dietary supplements, focusing on three essential areas for human health:

  1. Immune system support,
  2. Antioxidants against oxidative stress,
  3. Increasing body regeneration.

In favor of this we are searching medicinal mushrooms, herbs and spices from all over the word. Premium quality is due to modern, environmentally friendly technological solutions such as supercritical liquid carbon-dioxide extraction and freeze-drying (lyophilization), which retain the original molecular bonds of the plants’ active ingredients, in contrast to e.g. by hot water extraction, where the active compounds can be more easily degraded.

Goals >


To create healthier life from natural resources.


We can have 1000 dreams, when we are healthy; but we have only one, when we are sick.

Mission >


Put the values of nature at the service of health care by combining
- herbs
- innovation
- modern technology
- professional dedication
in our products.

Core values >

Core values

To society:
Responsibility, Morality and Conscientiousness.
To our customers: Fairness, Honesty, Solidarity, Respect and Learning.
In business:
Quality, Transparency, Reliability, Loyalty and Enthusiasm.
Kutatás és Fejlesztés

Reserch & Development

Research and development (R&D) plays a prominent role in NAVITA's corporate culture. Every year, we focus our human resources, scientific capacity and funding on R&D activities to continuously improve our products through improvements.


To Quality

NAVITA guarantees that we offer only 100% natural products, mainly made from plant ingredients, which are of high quality thanks to modern technological implementations.

Our products are made in accordance with European standards and licenses. Before they reach our customers, NAVITA products are thoroughly inspected.

With our products, we focus on both disease prevention and treatment support, and thanks to our dedicated, conscientious and professional team, we can provide NAVITA products of the best possible quality.

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The NAVITA brand and the “Natural Life” slogan are exclusive trademarks.