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Are you interested in our latest products? Click the product images to find their composition and read interesting things about each herb.

Interesting facts, studies

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Our company is constantly following the latest scientific research on herbs and other natural substances to keep us up to date on harnessing the healing power of nature.


CorsyMAX 10x

Our products enjoy widespread trust among our customers. No. 1 popular is our CorsyMAX 10x caterpillar fungus preparation, which can be consumed alone or in combination with other NAVITA products.
CorsyMAX 10x - Tibeti Hernyógomba Kivonat
Bioflavonoids in high concentration

Flavita Family

Choose from the FLAVITA family! Flavita products are available as capsules or syrups, formulated from plant extracts rich in flavonoids and other polyphenols.
Flavita Termékcsalád
Stemax Család
Herbal selection

Stemax Products

Choose from a selection of STEMAX herbs to suit your needs or STEMAX SL with a chromium trace element.

Stemax contains scientifically selected ingredients and plant extracts.
Navita - Rólunk
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Navita was founded in 2015. Our company is specialized in premium anti-aging, health supporting and beauty products. 
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Research & Development is paramount…

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We offer 100% natural products, mainly made from plant ingredients.


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Biostress Science
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Our products are 100% natural, extracts of herbs with a high active ingredient content using modern, efficient technology.

The quality of our products is our top priority, proved by the feedback from our customers.

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Quality Guaranteed
Natural ingredients
Researcher background

We can have 1000 dreams when we are healthy,
but we have only one when we are sick.


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