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Stemax Launch

The announcement was made at our event: 'Disease prevention and treatment support by mobilizing endogenous stem cells' held in Budapest on September 5, 2019, where we talked about the health-preserving function of stem cells in our body.

stemax launch

In addition to

  • STEMAX - 120 capsules /box, further
  • STEMAX - 60 capsules /box, and
  • STEMAX - 180 capsules /box are available.
The range has been expanded to meet the needs of our consumers. Based on the recommended consumption of 2 capsules per day, the box of 60 capsules contains a sufficient amount for 1 month, while the box of 180 capsules avails up to 3 months.

If more members of a family consume STEMAX, the 180 capsule version is recommended.

Thank for our customers' trust and feedback!

Have a Healthy Life
the NAVITA Team

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