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We gladly inform You that on July 16, 2020, the the Vietnam Association of Functional Food announced the results of the Golden Prize of Public Health where NAVITA products won Golden Prize for Public Health! The official Awards Ceremony was in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam on the 28th of July.

NAVITA díjátadó

The awarded NAVITA products are made in the EU, extracted from 100% natural sources, especially from high value herbs, with the most advanced technologies such as supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. The products are firmly examined before reaching our customers, to provide them the highest quality. The herbs and medicinal mushrooms are collected in a way to support the criteria of “Prevention and Treatment from Roots” in order to protect the most valuable asset of each individual life – health.

A Golden Prize of Public Health was awarded to 8 NAVITA products indicating that they were all found to possess the highest quality and that customers were highly satisfied and willing to recommend them to others.

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The following products were awarded:

  • Nagy Dózisú Tibeti Hernyógomba - CorsyMax 10X,
  • STEMAX and STEMAX SLassociated with Stem Cell Mobilization,
  • and the Flavonoid product line: Flavita 8 Cardio, Flavita 88 Cardio, Flavita 8 Cyto, Flavita 88 Cyto and Flavita Life Max.

A STEMAX (one of the products that customers used for supporting the body during cancer treatment) became a niche in the market of supplementary products in Vietnam, thus the Ministry of Health is willing to grant a certificate to confirm its effectiveness and value.

The award means a lot to NAVITA. It helps us on the way to become a well-known and prestigious dietary supplement company in the fields of health, anti-aging and disease prevention In return, we can access and help more people, who seek natural solutions for their specific health conditions. The award encourages NAVITA team also to continue product development, where customers’ satisfaction is the most important culmination.

Again, we are truly grateful for all the support and trust that we received from our customers over the past years! Let us share a mission to “Create a healthier world with the help of Nature”!

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