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Ms. Yen

Ms. Yen is a Vietnamese woman living in Germany for more than 30 years.

Her physical health used to be very good, she barely got sick, and needed medical treatments only rarely. Nevertheless, since her 40s, she feels like her health condition is not that good anymore. Her immune system got weaker, thus a couple of times every year she had to deal with flu-like symptoms, including fever, heavy breath and coughing. On top of that she got pollen allergy.

One day she heard about the NAVITA High-Dose Tibetan Cordyceps called CorsyMax 10X and JellyMax (containing royal jelly), which she tried. Her health began to improve quickly, and she is getting over febrile illnesses easier and faster again. Concurrently, her pollen allergy disappeared completely. She truly believes in the good effect of the products she used, therefore she introduced them to her friends and family to support their health.