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Nina Bodnár

Nina Bodnár - a physiotherapy specialist in Hungary.

She said: “My health used to be quite good. But recently, due to the heavy workload, I feel like my health is going down.” In her case, it came along also with exhaustion, lack of sleep, and she was afraid of the appearance of skin wrinkles.

A friend suggested Nina to try the NAVITA products CorsyMax 10X High-Dose Tibetan Cordyceps for physical recovery, and Hyaluron Collagen (containing hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides) as skin anti-aging. In the beginning, she was sceptic about the effect of the products. However, after using them for a month, she started to feel the difference. She is full of energy now, and what makes her even happier is that the wrinkles around her eyes begin to fade away, and that her skin seems smoother. In the age of her 30s, she completely feels confident about herself again.