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Mediterranean diet, as the secret for a longer life?

The traditional Mediterranean diet is known to be heart-friendly, which is supported by the fact that those living on the Mediterranean coast are typically at lower risk for cardiovascular disease, and many reach the age of 100. An important element of the Mediterranean diet is regular fruit consumption. Of particular importance are ...

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Detoxification with milk thistle

By living the modern way of life, our body is exposed to countless amount of chemicals. Instead of sonorous but scientifically questionable and inconsequent detoxification treatments, silymarin extracted from the milk thistle can be a real help to our liver and body in detoxification.

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Sea buckthorn as stem cell mobilizer

The sea buckthorn berry is an increasingly popular fruit, which is full of antioxidants. Its wide-scale beneficial effects are known since ancient times. Based on the results of modern science, new scopes have emerged, and it seems that by sea buckthorn, our health can be boosted even more through the exploitation of the regenerative potential of the stem cells within our body.


Celebrating the 5th Birthday of NAVITA!

We became 5 years old! NAVITA stands in the service of health promotion and anti-aging for already 5 years. We celebrated this notable anniversary among our colleagues and friends, and of course with champagne and a cake.

Biological Stress and Aging

Aging is a natural part of our lives where our physiological and metabolic functions are slowly but steadily diminishing.