Elderberry - Medicine Box of Hippocrates

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Elderberry is widely used in folk medicine, so it was also called as the “poor man’s pharmacy”. But what is elderberry good for? And why it’s good to arm ourselves with it before a long flight?

Sport and endurance support with folk medicine herbs

Tribulus cordyceps sport és állóképesség

The popularity of dietary supplements used by athletes is rising sharply, and natural alternatives to performance enhancers are also increasingly sought after. Based on the statements of the professional athletes, two components can provide actual support. But what does science say?

Fucoidan: Stem cell mobilization and artery wall protection

Fukodián Őssejtek Mozgósítása

Fucoidan has long been consumed by mankind through seaweed. The secret of its healthiness is still under investigation, but more and more elements of the scientific jigsaw puzzle are being put together. Due to its molecular size and structure, fucoidan can interact with stem cells responsible for the renewal of the body ...

Aloe vera: protection against influenza and beautiful skin in one

Aloe vera levél

When applied externally, the gelatinous material of the leaves of Aloe vera promotes rapid wound healing and beautiful skin. It is less known that consuming it is also healthy: it supports the body against cold and flu. Until recently, the identity of active ingredients has been a mystery even to researchers, but just recently, they were discovered.

Flavonoids against coronavirus – where are we now?

flavonoid koronavírus

Flavonoids, found in vegetables and fruits, are considered to be potential active plant ingredients against the coronavirus. The results so far are encouraging: flavonoids that reduce the infectivity of the virus and inhibit the replication of the virus have been identified. In this post, we present these flavonoids and their putative effects.