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Flavonoids against coronavirus – where are we now?

Flavonoids, found in vegetables and fruits, are considered to be potential active plant ingredients against the coronavirus. The results so far are encouraging: flavonoids that reduce the infectivity of the virus and inhibit the replication of the virus have been identified. In this post, we present these flavonoids and their putative effects.

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Detoxification with milk thistle

By living the modern way of life, our body is exposed to countless amount of chemicals. Instead of sonorous but scientifically questionable and inconsequent detoxification treatments, silymarin extracted from the milk thistle can be a real help to our liver and body in detoxification.

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Reversible skin aging after menopause

Due to a decrease in estrogen levels after menopause, rate of skin aging, thus loss of elastin and collagen multiplies. However, by preparing in time, and by conducting a conscious lifestyle, the change of life will not bring the end of youth.