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Thuy lives with her family in Leipzig, Germany.

She never had skin problems earlier, but out of a sudden in 2011, she got itchy and red palms. The doctors diagnosed a type of eczema called atopic dermatitis. There were periods, when the symptoms were milder, especially when she travelled to Vietnam, however by returning to Germany, her condition worsened again. During the years, she tried various remedies both in Germany and in Vietnam, but none of them brought long term relief, while due to the eczema, her life was restrained in many ways.

In September 2016, she was suggested to use the combination of 2 NAVITA products, STEMAX and CorsyMax 10X Since she had her problem for a long time, she was not expecting many benefits, that’s why it was very surprising for her, when 90% of the symptoms disappeared after the first month. She then finished the 3-months treatment course, and at the end, skin inflammation causing itching has vanished.