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Motivational Speaker award granted to us!

Viewers of the HiTV channel voted for Dr. Truong Son Pham and Dr. Szilárd Tóth performers to be awarded by the Motivational Speaker title, based on the discussion in the TV show that was encouraging for healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. Thank you for the honor!

Lunar New Year is here - Year of the Ox!

The year of the Ox started on 12th of February, 2021, with a festive show and big discounts! In the show, we reviewed the passing year, and talked about folk customs related to the Lunar New Year. In view of the holiday, we have announced a discounted shopping period until February 24th.

NAVITA wins Audience Award

It is such a great honor that all the endeavors and efforts of NAVITA over the past few years to a healthier society were paid off by winning the Golden Prize for Public Health from the Vietnam Association of Functional Food, based on customer votes.


Celebrating the 5th Birthday of NAVITA!

We became 5 years old! NAVITA stands in the service of health promotion and anti-aging for already 5 years. We celebrated this notable anniversary among our colleagues and friends, and of course with champagne and a cake.

Biological Stress and Aging

Aging is a natural part of our lives where our physiological and metabolic functions are slowly but steadily diminishing.